Centerville Sale

March 15th, 2018 At Noon at the Apanoose County Livestock Market in Centerville, Iowa. Selling 8 great two year old bulls.

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ONeills Frontiersman 86

Tag: 1682 • Reg: 18585625
BD: 1-22-16 BW: 83
205 Adj Wt: 794
365 day adjusted weight of 1444
Ratio 101 IMF with a 16.7 inch Ribeye to ratio 112
Act. wt 3/16/17: 1630 lb.

Act. Scan Weight 1,511 lb.
Current Weight: 2350 lbs.
40 cm scrotal

Sire: ONeills Frontiersman
Dam:ONeills Royal Lady 80

One of the extreme top sons of Frontiersman with extra length, size, muscle style and super on the move. 
His granddam, ONeills Royal Lady 46 is a full sister just to Royal Lady 90 who recently sold for $50,000 for 1/2 interest to Feeder Creek Angus of Iowa. ONeills Royal Lady 90 who is the dam of ONeills Blackhawk going to Headwater Angus Farm in Nebraska for $7000, and ONeills Black Bart selling 1/2 interest to Tim Almand for $20,000 and also the dam of the Popular International sire ONeills Black Bardolier with the Exclusive Rights to Australia and New Zealand and the EU and UK. 
A maternal brother to this bull, ONeills Frontiersman 86 sold for $7500 sold to Don Cranston in Iowa.  Also noted a maternal brother to the dam of this bull has done a tremendous job in the Goode Bros. Herd in Missouri.

High Growth
Lots of Muscle

ONeills Royal Lady 46
Maternal Granddam
ONeills Frontiersman
ONeills Royal Lady 80
ONeills Royal Lady Elaine
Paternal Granddam

ONeills Geronimo 346

Tag: 1695 • Reg: 18585636
BW: 72 • BD: 3-7-16
205 Adj Wt: 868, R 102
365 day adjusted weight of 1289
Scanned 5.54 IMF to Ratio 114
Dam NR 2@102
Current Weight: 2100 lbs.
45 cm. Scrotal

Sire:ONeills Geronimo (found on herdsire page)
Dam:ONeills Rachel 55

A tremendous herd sire prospect backed by the Rachel and Delia Cow families. - Sired by our great calving-ease and carcass sire ONeills Geronimo.
His granddam is a maternal sister to the fabulous producing donor cow ONeills Rachel 52 who produced the $21000 ONeills Leader top selling bull of all breeds 2012 Iowa Beef Expo.
Last cow in this bulls pedigree is the $29,500 ONeills Rachel who sold in our 1995 Sale who went on to sell at 12 years of age for $15000 to Da Es Ro Angus Farm and Heartland Angus. While there she produced two grand champion bulls at the Iowa Beef Expo and who at 17 years of age produced the grand champion female at the Iowa State Fair, at which time we purchase her back, and the rest is history of two outstanding daughters.

This is a powerful, easy fleshing calving-ease son of Geronimo who is very sound and great on the move.

ONeills Geronimo
ONeills Rachel 55
ONeills Delia 731
ONeills Rachel 52
Maternal Sister of Granddam
Bull pictured here in his working clothes.

ONeills Frontiersman 655

Tag: 1665C • Reg: 18566324
DOB: 9-17-15
BW ET 205 day weight 767 lbs.
365 day weight 1279 lbs.
16 inch Ribeye to Ratio 108.
Current Weight: 2450 lbs.
44cm Scrotal.

Dam: ONeills Delia 728
Sire: ONeills Frontiersman

Ranking in the top 10% of the breed for Ribeye EPD. Very impressive profiling bull here in structure and performance and nearly fault free when you look at him. Dam is ONeills Delia 728 owned with Maifield, Inc. 728 is a daughter of the great Delia 715, Dam of Expedition, Lucky Boy and Momentum and many top donors. This bull is really sound and moves out great.
Power in the blood.
Bull was out of poor milking recip. bull pictured here in his working clothes.

ONeills Frontiersman
ONeills Delia 728
ONeills Delia 715
Pictured Here at 18 Months
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ONeills Jock 835

Tag: 1666 • Reg: 18564921
BD: 10-29-15 BW: 72 BW EPD: +0.8
205 Adj Wt: 763
365 Adj Wt: 1339

Current Weight: 2200 lbs.
41 cm scrotal

Sire: ONeills Jock (found on herdsire page)
Dam: ONeills Ellen (found on donor page)
Dam's IMF 3@107 • RE 3@102

This fall yearling bull is a maternal brother to the high-performing ONeills Legacy 793 who sold for $6,000 to Chad Eisenberger of Nebraska and to a bull selected by Leon Teske of Iowa for $6,750.
This calving-ease prospect by ONeills Jock is from a dam with a progeny weaning ratio of 101 on three calves by the Pathfinder Sire, ONeills Expedition.
$EN Epd ranks in the Top 10% of the breed at +9.21 meaning his is a very easy fleshing bull.

Low Birth Weight
Calving Ease Sire
Extra Length of Body

ONeills Ellen
ONeills Jock
ONeills Legacy 793
Maternal Brother
Pictured Here at 19 Months
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ONeills Frontiersman 765

Tag: 1645 • Reg: 18564918
BD: 9-19-15 BW: 86
205 Adj Wt: 787, R:104
365 Adj Wt: 1339, R: 101

Current Weight: 2075 lbs.
42 cm scrotal

Sire: ONeills Frontiersman
Dam: ONeills Eraline 240
Dam – by Renovator, International Sire

His dam is an the outstanding cow out of ONeills Renovator the International Sire, out of Prime Force's mother ONeills Eraline 221 who was a great marbling cow.
His full sister has one of the most outstanding calves in the 2018 calf crop.
Maternal sister sired by OMAI King sold in the fall 2014 Bid Off for $7250 to Rick Podzemick of SD.
This bull has plenty of frame and performance and is a very functional, sound, free moving bull with great feet who will cover plenty of ground and cows.
Full sister ONeills Eraline 298, who will be in our donor program,  produced the third top selling bull at the 2018 Iowa Beef Expo ONeills Contender selling to repeat commercial customer Camp Creek Ranch of Iowa for $6000.

Extra length of body
Lots of Muscle
6.8 Frame
Extra Rib

ONeills Frontiersman
ONeills Royal Lady Elaine
ONeills Eraline 298
Full Sister
Pictured Here at 1 year of age
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ONeills Absolute 466

Tag: 77-21 • Reg: 18585643
BW: 80 • BD: 3-17-16
205 Adj Wt: 937, R 109, WDA 4.28
365 day adjusted weight 1270
Ratio 102 IMF and Ratio 103 Ribeye respectively.
IMF 4.81 Ratio 102 • RE 13.5 Ratio 103
Current Weight: 2050 lbs.
42 cm scrotal

Sire: ONeills Absolute
Dam: Kodry Barbara Bell 21

An impressive March herd sire prospect by ONeills Absolute.
The dam balances a progeny birth ratio of 97 with a progeny weaning ratio of 110 on two calves.
His dam Kodry Barbara Bell 21 is a tremendous daughter of Sitz Alliance 6421 a top sire in the Sitz program in Montana.
This herd sire prospect is by far the best son of Absolute a son of Eraline 234, the mother of herd bulls.
As you will see in the video, this bull is free moving with great structure. He's thick and deep and a very functional bull with excellent performance to back it up. - This bull traces back to the two time Grand Chanpion Cow Calf ONeills Barbara Bell 85 at the Iowa State Fair.
Real calving ease, power in the blood!

ONeills Absolute
S A V Pioneer 7301
ONeills Eraline 234
ONeills Absolute 3/4 brother to ONeills Frontiersman &
sire of ONeills Absolute 516

ONeills Absolute 516

Tag: 5040 Reg: 18585649
BW: 70 BD: 3/28/16
205 Adj Wt: 791 • Frame 6+
365 day adjusted weight 1196
Current Weight: 1900 lbs.
Scrotal 43 cm

Sire:ONeills Absolute
Dam: Kodry Queen 40

This cow family goes back to the cow family that produced the $50,000 1/2 interest Spartan Granduer O, son of the Roughage Converter Happyvale Blackcap G72E.
This moderate framed, deep and thick Absolute son with great feet is a calving-ease bull who would work great on heifers.
Birth Epd +1.0 and $EN Epd ranks in the Top 10% of the breed at +12.85 making him a very easy fleshing bull

ONeills Expedition
ONeills Expedition is a Full Brother to ONeills Adventure K426, Grandsire of ONeills Absolute 516
Pictured Here in his working clothes.

ONeills Expedition one of the top bulls EVER used at ONeills!

ONeills Expedition 665

1630A • Reg: 18566325
BW ET 205 day weight 772 lbs.
365 day weight 1258 lbs. 4.6
IMF Ratio 109.
DOB: 9-17-15
Current Weight: 2250 lbs.
Scrotal 42 cm

Full brother to ONeills Royal Lady 90 who sold for $50,000 for 1/2 interest to Feeder Creek Angus of Iowa. Royal Lady 90 is the mother of the $65,000 valued ONeills Black Bardolier, the $20,000 ONeills Black Bart, and Blackhawk who sold for $7000. Expedition 665's Dam is a Full sister to Royal Lady 64 who is the mother of ONeills Frontiersman 275 who sold for $10000 in our December 2016 sale to Joe Barry in Oregon where he went on to win Senior Champion bull at both the Oregon and Washingtong State Fairs. There have been many other top full siblings sold to Expedition 665 as their mother Royal Lady 40, has been one of the greatest producing cows to date at ONeill Angus Farm.
This bull was out of poor milking recip.
A real power bull combining moderate birth with marbling and muscle.
Real Power in the Blood

Royal Lady 90
Full Sisters
Royal Lady 64
Full Sisters
Royal Lady 46
Full Sisters
Royal Lady 40

  • 33 Years of Intensive Line - Breeding with NO Genetic Defects
  • All O'Neill Cattle ARE TESTED free or free by pedigree of AM/NH/CA/DD/MI/D2/OH/OS/RD and all other known Genetic Defects.
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