ONeills Blacktop


Mature photo of BlackTop

Tag 1655A
Reg # 19739429  
DOB 7-10-19
BW 75 lbs ET
205 Day Weight 948 lbs
365 day weight 1454 lbs
His 365 day weight is low. Started using him very young. 
His first calves are fabulous with light birth weights, extra bone and thickness!

One of the most exciting upcoming herd sires to ever hit the ground at ONeills Angus Farm. Blacktop possesses the most bone, depth, and length with the most thickness of any bull ever born here. He packs the epd spread to outcross on any major bloodline in the breed and outcross well. Blacktop is the top son of Black Bardolier amongst all the great ones we have had. Blacktop is also a calving ease bull posting a 75 lb birthweight even though the epd won't show it. This is consistent with many of the other sons of Black Bardolier. ONeills Poundmaker calves average 70 lb on heifers, 74 lbs. on cows and ONeills Momentum averages 73 lbs. on heifers and 78 lbs on cows. Blacktop's mother is a 3/4 sister in blood to ONeills Lady Blackcap 65 who is our high indexing cow in our herd.

1/2 Interest is For Sale. We have excellent semen available as well!


ONeills Black Bardoleir


ONeills Lady Blackcap 52