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ONeills Trademark  

Tag 1692A
Reg # 19442643
DOB 11-15-18  
BW ET 205 day adjusted weight 907 lbs.
365 day adjusted weight 1641 lbs. Scanned Ribeye 19.0 inch Ratio 114

Sire ONeills Black Bardolier
Dam  ONeills Lady Eraline 104

"Trademark" may possibly be the heaviest muscled deepest bodied sons to date out of the great ONeills Black Bardolier.  Trademark also has the great length of body we have come to expect from the Black Bardolier progeny.  Full sibling embryos sold for $1250 each in the 2020 National Western Foundation Female Sale in Denver.  Trademark's mother, ONeills Lady Eraline 104 is the maternal sister to record setting highest selling cow to ever sell in the history of Scotland for the Blelack herd there.  Black Bardlier progeny are known for being very long bodied high performing with great phenotype and carcass.  Trademark checks all those boxes as he scanned a whopping 19 inch ribeye to ratio 114.  He's as good on the move as he is in the picture.  Don't miss this great young herd sire. Scrotal measurements 41cm.

Sells as Lot 86 Iowa Beef Expo Feb. 9th 2020.


ONeills Counterweight

Tag 1662B
Reg #19448426
DOB 1-6-19
BW ET 205 day adjusted weight 922 lbs.
Scanned 7.25 IMF

Sire Basin Payweight 006S
Dam ONeills Royal Lady Elaine

This great young outcross herd sire prospect checks many boxes between being a great calving ease prospect to having great great high prime carcass combination. Sired by the popular and deceased Basin Payweight 006S who was the best of five full brothers. Counterweight is a well balanced and very smooth and wide topped bull who scanned a whopping 7.25 IMF putting him in the high prime category of carcass sires as well as being a calving ease bull. Counterweight's dam, ONeills Royal Lady Elaine has produced several great outcross herd sires mainly the great ONeills Frontiersman. She was also known as being a full sister to the bull who sired the greatest combination of feed efficiency and rate of gain against 9000 steers in a past feed test. This would be the greatest gift her sire, ONeills Expedtion left were his daughters and what they have accomplished for us. Scrotal measurements 40 cm.

Sells as Lot 79 Iowa Beef Expo Feb. 9th 2020 13.7 inch Ribeye

ONeills Sensation 388

Tag 1744
DOB 12-20-18
BW 72 lbs.

Dam ONeills Royal Lady 148

Sells as Lot 50X Iowa Beef Expo Feb. 9th 2020.


Iowa Beef Expo
Lot 35

ONeills Royal Lady 165

Tag 1663A
Reg #19439582
DOB 1-1-19
BW ET 205 day weight 802
Scan Info 8.21 IMF Ratio 104 Ratio 105 Ribeye

Sire ONeills Black Bardolier
Dam ONeills Royal Lady 56

Exciting opportunity to own a full sister to ONeills Sensation who was the Top Selling Bull Overall Breeds 2018 Iowa Beef Expo selling for $15,000 for 1/2 interest and Full Possession. This female is deep bodied clean fronted female who will make an excellent cow prospect or show prospect. Her carcass qualities definitely put her in the driver's seat for what she can produce down the line. Her mother, has averaged 70 lbs for birthweight on 10 calves. She is a maternal sister to our Herd Sire ONeills Jock who has been the ultimate calving ease sire. Don't miss out on this female. Sells as Lot 35 Iowa Beef Expo Feb. 9th 2020


ONeills Excursion 78 

Reg: 19151085 • BD: 2/22/18
AJD 365: 1559# • Scanned: 5.38 IMF with 15.7" REA BW: 65# • 205 Day Weight: 1026#
Current: 7 /25/19 - 1850#

Sire: ONeills Expedition

Dam: ONeills Eraline 305

Top 4% for DMI EPD -.47
Top 5% for RADG EPD +.32 Top 10% for $Beef+ 163.10

Offering semen shares or the sale of this great young sire! Many Cows and Heifers are bred to this great bull. Chance of a Lifetime here on one of Expedition's greatest sons out of our top young donor cow in the herd, ONeills Eraline 305. "305" shattered performance records last year raising Poundmaker at 1037# 205 and 1778 at 365 where he went on to scan 6.87 IMF to be our highest performing and greatest carcass sire to date. Full sibling embryos to Excursion sold for $1600 each at the 2018 National Western Foundation Female Sale in Denver. Excursion has the look to be a many time champion don't miss out on the opportunity to own part of him before it's too late. Most of our customers already know Expedition needs no introduction, but for those who may not know; he has been one of the breed's all time great maternal, high feed efficient pathfinder sires the breed has ever had. Excursion has the chance to do great things here at O'Neill Angus Farm. Maternal brother to the Top Selling Embryos at the 2019 NWFF Sale in Denver selling for $1600 each.

ONeills Jock 277

Reg: 19056696 • Tag: 1681A • BD: 6/1/17 BW: ET • ADJ 205: 934# • ADJ 365: 1,576# 3/26/19 Weight: 2,050#

Powerful Calving-Ease Bull

Sire: ONeills Jock 
Dam: ONeills Forever Eraline 46

EPDs rank Top 1% for CEM at+ 18, Top 10% for BW EPD



ONeills Royal Lady 148

Reg: 18885461 • Tag: 1674A • BD: 11/15/16 BW: 81# • 205 Adj: 874#
Act Wt 1/20/18: 1,050#

Sire: ONeills Lucky Boy
Dam: ONeills Royal Lady 72

Once in a lifetime partnership or ownership opportunity here. Royal Lady 148's mother, Royal Lady 72 sold in our 2016 sale for $10,000 to Al Bruhn of Iowa. Royal Lady 72
was as beautiful and feminine an angus cow as ever been raised here at ONeill Angus Farm. And she was moderate framed compared to her full brothers. One was the $12,500 ONeills Expo who sold to Goode Bros. in Missouri who at over 10 years of age is still doing a great job. Another full brother sold for $12,000 to a Maine-Anjou breeder from Ohio. After Royal Lady 72 sold to Al Bruhn, she produced their Top Selling female this past June selling for $92,000. ONeills Royal Lady 148 is a fabulous female who excels over her mother. Her maternal brother sold for $6000 in that 2016 sale. 148 raised an outstanding son of our Sensation bull this year. She is bred to calve on January 4, 2020 to ONeills Universal 168 (Reg: 19197356). Don't miss out on this great partnership opportunity on this female.

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ONeills Royal Lady 165

Reg: 19439582 • Tag: 1663A • BD: 1/1/19 BW ET: (56 lbs.)

Sire: ONeills Black Bardolier 
Dam: ONeills Royal Lady 56

Ultimate Calving Ease mating here raised by a two year old recip. This long bodied ultra feminine female is a full sister to our Top Selling bull of all Breeds at the 2018 Iowa Beef Expo ONeills Sensation who sold for $15,000 to Leon Teske of Iowa. Also a maternal sister to our great senior herd sire ONeills Jock. Her mother Royal Lady 56 is our all time greatest calving ease cow, averaging 701bs birth weights on 10 calves.

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ONeills Eraline 326

Reg: 19439571 • Tag: 1698 • BD: 2/1/19 BW: 70#

Sire: ONeills Geronimo
Dam: ONeills Eraline 282

Outstanding maternal cow power in this female stemming
from the great Eraline family. Her mother ONeills Eraline
282 is an outstanding Expedition daughter who has done a
phenominal job here. 282 is a maternal sister to the great
donor ONeills Eraline 305. This heifer sired by Geronimo is
extremely deep bodied, moderate but with enough length
and femininity through her front end to make a great cow.
326 also blends great carcass traits from both her sire and dam which should make her great on the carcass side as well. 326 ranks Top 10 % for DMI EPD.

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ONeills Eraline 320

Reg: 19439581 • Tag: 1730A • BD: 2/21/19

Sire: ONeills Expedition
Dam: ONeills Eraline 305

Outstanding long bodied big time donor quality female. Sired by the great Maternal and Feed Efficiency Sire ONeills Expedition and mother being one of our top young Donor cows Eraline 305. Full sister to the great young sire ONeills Excursion, "320" Ranks in the Top 4% for $ Feedlot and Top 5% for $ Beef Value. She is also a maternal sister to the
$40,000 1/2 interest Poundmaker. "320" is as long bodied and feminine a female we have ever offered for sale and being sired by Expedition should prove her value great as all of his daughters have done so far.

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ONeills Rachel 75

Reg: 19439556 • Tag: 34-21 • BD: 3/28/19

Sire: ONeills Geronimo
Dam: ONeills Rachel 3912

Big Time Performance female here sired by the Maternal Sire ONeills Geronimo. Her Mother Rachel 3912, consistently produces the heaviest heifer calves year after year. Full Sister, ONeills Rachel 74 is a bred heifer currently for sale, and a maternal sister, ONeills Rachel 72 sired by Black Bardolier. did an outstandina iob raisin□ an excellent son

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ONeills Delia 795

Reg: 19439557 • Tag: 1709 • BD: 4/5/19

Sire: ONeills Geronimo 
Dam: ONeills Delia 762

Outstanding maternal cow prospect here sired by the great maternal sire ONeills Geronimo and who's mother ONeills Delia 762 has done a fabulous job producing here at ONeill Angus Farm. 795 is a maternal sister to ONeills Delia 789 who was the top scanning IMF calf of the 2017 Calf Crop scanning a whopping 9.62 % IMF, and ONeills Delia 794, who scanned a 7.60 IMf. 794 may possibly be one of if not the greatest females we have raised to date and is also offered for sale. 762 also produced a son of Frontiersman who sold for $9000 to Conneticutt. Delia 795 is a long bodied highly feminine female who will potentially do great things as her mother has.

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ONeills Eraline 321

Reg: 19439583 • Tag: 1754 • BD: 4/1/19

Sire: ONeills Poundmaker 
Dam: ONeills Eraline 311

First offspring offered for sale of the $40,000 half interest ONeills Poundmaker. Her mother, ONeills Eraline 311 an outstanding daughter of Black Bardolier, stemmed from ONeills Eraline 260 who was a past $15,000 Top Seller in a past Bid off sired by "6807" out of the great Eraline 234. This female continues on in the greatness of our program being intensively line bred by doubling up Black Bardolier as we believe in his future in our program. As Jim ONeill says, "the tighter they are bred to our great ones, the more pounds we get!!" This has held true throughout our history as the more times all of our great bulls are in these pedigrees, the better they do get. This female is extremely attractive and feminine from the side and is moderate framed.

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ONeills Royal Lady 160

Reg: 19439585 • Tag: 1702B • BD: 11/10/18

Sire: ONeills Frontiersman 
Dam: ONeills Royal Lady 90

Don't miss this amazing opportunity as we believe this
female is the best full sister to Black Bardolier we have
raised so far. This is a hard feat compared to great females
such as her sisters Royal Lady 150 and Royal Lady 158.
Royal Lady 160's dam Royal Lady 90 needs no introduction
as she sold for $50,000 for 1/2 interest to Feeder Creek
Angus of Iowa. On top of being a full sister to Black
Bardolier, full brothers sold in our 2016 sale Black Bart for
$20,000 selling to Tim Almand of Oklahoma where he is
doing an outstanding job producing calves ranking as good as their brother. Another full brother, ONeills Blackhawk sold for $7000 in that sale as well. This female is extremely long bodied big framed, but deep and attractive from the side and straight across her topline. Full sibling embryos sold for $2600 each and $2200 each in 2017 and 2018 National Western Foundation Female Sale in Denver.

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ONeills Eraline 319

Reg: 19468191 • Tag: 1748 • BD: 11/1/18

Sire: ONeills Geronimo
Dam: ONeills Eraline 307

This moderate framed Geronimo daughter is a very good cow prospect stemming from as good of True Maternal Angus Greatness. Her mother, is sired by Expedition then back to Father of Wye. The Father of Wye daughter stemmed from an old Prospect Genetic Engineer daughter who was highly maternal as well. Eraline 307 is a true beef cow showing all of the great qualities which came from Expedition.

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October 2020

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O'Neill's Online Bid-Off Fall Female and Embryo Sale

October 2020

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