ONeills Envious Lad

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Reg: 16717555 • BD: 2/2/10
BW: 86# • 205 Adj: 868# Ratio 104 • 365 Adj:1487#
IMF: 4.13 Ratio: 108

Sire: ONeills Expedition
Dam: ONeills Forever Eraline 21
Dam's Progeny: BR 4@94, NR 4@103, YR 2@103 8 IMF 118, 8 RE 100

  • Second largest Ribeye of 2010 Bulls.

ONE of our Best Ever. Great Line-Bred Calving - Ease Sire. Performance with Carcass. "Envious Lad" goes back seven times to the Phenomenal Canadian Bull, "72E" the Roughage Converter. He goes back five times to the Grand Old Matron, ONeills Eraline 42. His sire "Expedition" ranks in the top of the breed for RADG EPD or Feed Efficiency. See Herd Sires Page for Expedition and video.

Owned by O'Neill Angus Farm, IA, Terry Little, MO, Steve Sarmento, CA