ONeills Eraline 305


Many thanks to Jon Haman with Feeder Creek Angus on the purchase of the top selling embryo at the 2019 National Western Foundation Female Sale for $1,600 each.

Embroys for sale sired by LD Capitalist 316, ONeills Momentum and ONeills Exposition

Reg: 18254055 • BD: 1/21/15

Sire: Rito 9Q13 of Rita 5F56 GHM
Dam: ONeills Eraline 244

Top Selling Female overall breeds 2016 Iowa Beef Expo for $20,000.  Outstanding carcass and performance queen here.  First calf, ONeills Poundmaker shattered performance records at ONeill Angus Farm with 205 day weight of 1037 lbs and a 365 day weight of 1778 lbs highest ever at ONeill Angus Farm.  "305" is an early gestation cow calving an average of eight days early first two calves average birth weight of  70 lbs.  Poundmaker also had the highest IMF scan of any bull in the history of ONeill Angus Farm at 6.87.  Embryos sold on 305 at the 2018 National Western Foundation Female Sale for $1,600 and $1,200 each.  Stay tuned to see her current son, sired by ONeills Expedition;  ONeills Excursion 78 he's a great one.  305 has an extra rib.  Call to order your embryos

Owned by O'Neill Angus Farm


ONeills Poundmaker


ONeills Eraline 244