ONeills Exposition


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Reg: 16080507 • Tag: 1668 • BD: 1-12-13 • 50K Profile

Sire: ONeills Expedition
Dam: ONeills Forever Eraline 18

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This massive high performance son of ONeills Expedition is a 7.0+ frame bull with tremendous muscle, volume and phenotype with excellent bone standing on great feet and legs. BW 94, 205 Adj. 930, Ratio 116, Adj. YW 1644, Ratio 116, scanned 6.02, IMF ratio 109, RE 16.5, Ratio 107. His famous dam ONeills Forever Eraline 18 is also the dam of ONeills Encore the $75,000 top selling bull of our 2008 sale for 1/3 interest, and ONeills Enterprise that topped the 2009 Iowa Beef Expo overall breeds at $11,000, they are full brothers to ONeills Exposition. She has an impressive progeny weaning ratio of 3 @ 109 with a progeny yearling ratio of 3 @ 108, a progeny IMF ratio of 9 @ 106 and a progeny rib eye ratio of 9 @ 109, with one daughter progeny WR of 117. His Dam was one of the most Fabulous Females ever, Phenotypically and Production. Her progeny weaning Ratio 107 and Progeny Yearling Ratio 105 on 5 natural calves with Progeny IMF and Rib-eye Ratio of 104 and 107 respectively on 7 calves. Two full sisters in our herd were outstanding producers and donors. They sold in our December 2016 sale , one for $7000 to Maifeld Angus, IA who also took her 3 good daughters at $4000 each, Ben Epenschid from IA took a fantastic daughter for $4000 and a son going to Adam Ward, KS. Mark Moffitt, IA took her fabulous son for $7000, he also purchased a tremendous full sister to Exposition and Maifeld Angus in IA purchased her daughter for $5000. His full brother sold for 2/3 interest for $115,000 and was the 2008 Denver Sensation.

Owned by O'Neill Angus Farm, IA


ONeills Expedition
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ONeills Forever Eraline 18