ONeills Full Throttle


Reg #: 19768451
DOB: 3-13-20
205 Day Weight: 928 lbs.

Ultrasound scan info:
Scan weight: 1355 lbs.
IMF: 6.78
Ribeye: 16 inch

Calving Ease Bull of the Future!  

Outstanding birth to weaning spread on this great herd bull prospect. Sired by the great ONeills Momentum. He offers exceptional length, bone, depth, with great muscle and rib shape as well as an outstanding topline, Mother, ONeills Eraline 305, is our highest performing cow and is one of our top donors in the herd. Maternal brothers include Herd Sires: ONeills Poundmaker, ONeills Excursion, and ONeills Black Rain. Full Throttle also hits the home run on the carcass side surpassing his brother Poundmaker on both IMF and Ribeye. Also note his scan weight before a year of age represents a great ratio of square inch per 100 pounds of ribeye area. This bull represents on paper and DNA to be our greatest calving ease sire to be raised with the true outstanding performance real world data not shown by the numbers to show how great an individual he has the potential to be. He was heavily used this year in our herd. 

Offering an Interest For Sale in this Top Herd Sire. Semen is available! 


ONeills Poundmaker


ONeills Eraline 305