ONeills Royal Lady 90

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Embryos available by ONeills Frontiersman

Reg: 17215152 • Tag: 1702 • BD: 9/21/11

Progeny: BW 2@100 • NR 2@106 • YR 2@103 • IMF 25@109 • REA 25@104

Sire: ONeills Expedition
Dam: ONeills Royal Lady 40 

  • Half interest sold to Feeder Creek Angus, Jon Haman for $50,000
  • Second high selling embryos for $2,200/each at the 2018 NWFF Sale

Easily one of the greatest females ever bred and produced in the 66-year Angus career of master breeder Jim O’Neill. This phenomenal female is the dam of ONeills Black Bardolier, the heaviest muscled, highest performing and most promising young bull ever bred by Jim O’Neill who recorded a birth weight of 76 pounds combined with a 205-day weight of 982 pounds for a weaning ratio of 121 and a 365-day weight of 1,700 pounds for a yearling ratio of 122 along with an IMF score of 5.29 for an IMF ratio of 105 • REA 18.8 Ratio 114, and recently sold two exclusive  international semen rights. One for $30000 to Cory Ireland for Australia / New Zealand semen rights and a second sold to Belack Angus of Scotland for exclusive EU and UK semen rights. The first calf was a daughter who sold for $10,000 to Jake Clarke and Roger Clausen of Nebraska, plus frozen embryos sold for $2,600 each in the 2016 National Western Foundation Female Sale.  Embryos also sold for $2,600 each in the 2017 National Western Foundation Female Sale to Arnaud Desdans, France. • Her sons, ONeills Blackhawk sold for $7,000 in the 2016 December sale to Headwaters Angus, NE. and ONeills Black Bart sold for $20,000 to Tim Almond, OK. This great cow is one of the all-time greatest daughters of the Total Performance and Feed-Efficiency Pathfinder Sire, ONeills Expedition, backed by generations of great producing females tracing to the O’Neill foundation female, Royale Bardolier Forever 783 sired by Baldridge Oscar.

Two exclusive breeding rights sold on ONeills Black Bardolier, Royal Lady 90's son, for $30,000 each to Blelack Angus of Scotland for the EU and UK and Cory Ireland for Australia and New Zealand.

Owned by O'Neill Angus Farm


ONeills Frontiersman
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ONeills Black Bardolier
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