ONeills Sensation

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Reg: 18900367 • BD: 1/10/17
BW: 70# • 205 Adj: 977# • 365 Adj: 1,563#
WDA: 4.80#

Sire: ONeills Black Bardolier
Dam: ONeills Royal Lady 56
Dam: 1@121

  • Dam has seven average birth weights of 72 lbs. with eight calving intervals of 371 days and flushed in between.

  • Top 2% CEM, Top 10% DMI

  • Calving ease with performance

This calving ease herd sire is truly one of the great ones and sired by the fabulous sire “Black Bardolier” whose progeny are the top performance and phenotype in every herd he was used in around the world. Outstanding herd bull prospect here, maternal brother to the great calving ease sire Jock.

Fall 2017

Many thanks to repeat customer Leon Teske of Iowa on the purchase of the top selling bull overall breeds selling for $15,000 for 1/2 interest in this great young sire. Sensation was one of the most popular bulls to sell there and we will be selling semen on this great bull who has it all just like his sire.

Owned by Leon Teske, IA


ONeills Black Bardolier


ONeills Royal Lady 56


ONeills Jock
Maternal Brother


ONeills Frontiersman 906
Maternal Brother