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2016 O’Neill Angus Farm Cow Herd Dispersal

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Welcome! We are proud to invite you to the O’Neill Cow Herd Dispersal of cows 9 years of age and under with their calves. It is with mixed feelings that we do this. However, I am 79 years old and it is time.

I feel we are entering one of the most exciting times ever in the beef cattle business. Cow numbers are down and we need to rebuild the U.S. beef cow herd, but rebuild with the highest quality ever with sound, functional cattle that gain with feed efficiency and carcass quality that bring premiums.

I am excited with Donald Trump as our President Elect. He has promised to get our trade under control. We cannot import the billions of pounds we do from South America which comes into our country without the rigid inspection of U.S. beef. I am proud of our packers with the cleanliness and quality of the job they do with our U.S. beef. It will take a lot more beef in our country to meet the demand of a high quality product for the consumer. O’Neill Angus has dedicated their life to producing the type of cattle that grows and gains with feed efficiency and carcass quality of 99.7% to 100% Choice and Prime for our commercial customers in a product of high cutability, with less excess fat, extra marbling and superior taste.

We are selling a tremendous set of bulls that will be two years old this spring, fall yearling bulls and one of our best calf crops ever with the bull and heifer calves selling alongside their mothers. Two full brothers and a fall brother-in blood sell to ONeills Black Bardolier, one of the most exciting bulls we have ever raised. Recently, we have sold the Australian and New Zealand semen rights to Cory Ireland in Australia. Semen rights have just sold to the UK and the EU to Grahm Massie of Blelock Angus in Scotland for $30,000. Many of our cattle have an extra rib on each side.

All of our great cows and super donors that sell are 9 years old and younger including the dam of Black Bardolier plus his two full sisters. Also selling is the dam of ONeills Geronimo and the ONeills Delia 731 cow. These two females have proven themselves as invaluable foundation donor cows. Many more super donors will sell!

Buy with confidence and raise cattle that excel in the economic traits for extra profit. They will sell with the O’Neill guarantee that they always have. Come and view our cattle anytime, you are always welcome.

A warm and special thank you is extended to all of our customers for their many years of support. Please forgive me if I didn’t get everyone’s name in the sale book as a buyer. With our health problems, it has made some things extremely difficult. Many thanks to our family: Jordan and Mellisa O’Neill, Matt Hotz, and J.C. O’Neill for all their help throughout the year. Also thanks to Perry Staley who is in charge of upkeep. Most of all, I want to thank my wife, Ardyce, who has been very supportive for all of these years. Ardyce has been an active and important part of O’Neill Angus Farm. Not only has she been an essential part of our family business, she has provided a valuable contribution to the Angus breed from her involvement in both the Iowa and American Angus Auxiliary.

If you are unable to attend the sale, Live Auctions will be broadcasting the sale live. You can go through me, Live Auctions or any of the sale consultants listed in this sale book when purchasing your cattle. We will guarantee the cattle will suit you or you don’t own them. Looking forward to seeing you sale day, December 3rd. If you have questions, please feel free to call me at (712) 644-2062 or (402) 680-3171 (Cell). We are extremely proud of our life’s work and it is time to turn our program over to you to build greater things in the future. God Bless.

Thank you so much,
Jim and Ardyce O’Neill