ONeills Delia 715


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Reg: 18192530 • Tag: 1702 • BD: 1-15-15
BW: 76 lbs • 205 Adj 982 lbs Ratio: 121
WDA 4.50# • 365 Adj: 1700 lbs • IMF: 5.29 Ratio: 105
RE: 18.8 Ratio: 114

Sire: ONeills Frontiersman
Dam: Oneills Royal Lady 90 
Dam: 1@121

  • Semen approved for world-wide export, including Canada, South America, EU and UK. Excellent quality semen, ready to ship.
  • Calves are the top performing calves in every herd around the world along with the best phenotype.
  • Calving ease sire! Average birth weight of fall calves is 68-74 lbs. out of mature cows.
  • Tests perfect for Leptin genotype! Based off the data from his progeny and genetic testing he's now confirmed a TT carrier of the Leptin genotype.
  • Top 1% of breed: $B +176.77, WW, YW, RADG, CW, $F, Top 2% for: RE and $W
  • Show quality with pounds!
  • Black Bardolier has the extra rib
  • Every cow behind Black Bardolier has a perfect udder and feet. Powerful performance with tremendous docility.
  • Outstanding phenotype and carcass traits. Daughters average 8.31 IMF and sons average 6.03 IMF with great calving ease and weaning heavy calves.

Maternal sister to “Black Bardolier” sold to Jake Clarke & Roger Clausen of NE for $10,000. Two full sib Embryos sold in the 2016 NWFF Sale for $2,600 each. Dam was the High selling cow in the ONeills 2016 sale at $34,000. Black Bardolier is the heaviest muscled bull ever raised at O'Neill Angus Farm, all while combining phenotype and a strong growth EPD profile. Every cow behind this bull has a perfect udder and feet. Performance with tremendous docility. We have used Black Bardolier heavily in our program, stop by and check out his progeny.

Owned by O'Neill Angus Farm
Semen shares sold to: Canada: Gus Gonier, Alberta, Scotland: Blelack Herd, Australia/New Zealand: Cory Ireland


ONeills Delia 770
Sold half interest
for $30,000